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VERY HIGH Dad's Marine buddy info
Find phone number of Dad's WWII Marine buddy. Find information that Dad's Marine buddy told Dondo about, and place it on Dad's web page. Phone Dad's Marine buddy to get more information on Dad during World War II.

VERY HIGH David Paul's Photos and Paper
Scan all of cousin David Paul's papers and photos. Ask mom or call David to find out who the people are. Place scanned photos in a folder under "David". Return them back to David by certified mail.

VERY HIGH Hogan and Long Walk Link
Start the "Hogan" and "Long Walk" home. Create a base webpage so that it won't be empty, and build from there.

VERY HIGH Navajo (Dine') Language Dictionary
Create a database and web pages to add, update, and delete Navajo words and data from the database in order for the public to view. Create fields for word, voice pronunciation, Navajo/English equivalent translations, and description.

Dondo 09/27/02  
VERY HIGH Shell Template
Create a shell template for the different types of web pages you have on LAPAHIE.com. This is done in order that when you create other web pages, you will just be able to "pop" the data or code in without having to create a new web page.

Dondo 10/10/02  
VERY HIGH Windtalker's Web Site
Copy the information on the Windtalker's website before that website disappears.

Dondo 12/14/02  
HIGH Harrison's WWII Marine Album
Scan all attached and loose photos of Harrison Lapahie's World War II Marine Album. Try to find out who the people are in the photos by calling one of dad's Marine friends. Find dad's Marine friend's photo number. Place photos on Dad's web site at Dad.cfm.

HIGH Navajo Timeline Database
Make the Navajo Timeline dynamic. Create new columns for American Indian History, and U.S. History. Make a "Display Preference" table that a user can click optional boxes to make the user chose to view only Navajo History, or a combination of Navajo History, and one or all columns of American Indian History, U.S. History, and/or World History. If all "Display Preference" boxes are clicked, the user will be able to view 4 columns of Navajo History, American Indian History, U.S. World History, and World History.

HIGH Rosie Werito's NCT Information
Input Navajo Code Talker information given by Rosie Werito (Rosie the Riveter) during the Silver Congressional Medal of Honor Ceremony last November 2001. Get negatives and photos made of the photos asked for from dad's WWII album and mail them to her and the others from dad's album.

MID Finish/Update Dine' Bikeyah Map
Finish/update Navajo Map at Navajo_Map_Lg.cfm. Copy it onto a CD, search for a Printer's office (that makes maps?), and see if they can print a large amount from a CD.

MID Fix Updates To NCT's Webpage
Fix recently added hotlinks on the Navajo Code Talker's Webpage (Commanche link, Choctaw link, NCT videos link). This is under the "WWW" heading on the left web frame.

MID Jimmie D. Benallie's name
Fix Larry Benallie, Sr. father's name on Code Talker web page. Email received was: My late father was a code talker. His last name is misspelled on the "Names" page. The correct spelling of his name is Jimmie D. Benallie. You also have a photograph of him with the caption: "Black and white photo of a Code Talker standing before a shop with a Japanese sign on it's front." There is also another photograph of my father with Harry Benally on Harry's Benally's home page. I can be contacted in Fort Defiance at (928)729-2180 if you have any questions or need more information. Thank You Kindly, Larry Benallie, Sr., P.O. Box 1595, Fort Defiance, AZ 86504.

MID Relative's Family Information
Look through the Guestbook thru the years 1997 up until today. Find out all the information your relatives have told you about to place on my web pages.

MID Script, Header, and Signature
Create a Script to contain items to be used for a common Header Template and common Signature Template. Header Template to contain:
  • Title
  • Subtile
  • Description
  • Keywords
Signature Template to contain:
  • Creator
  • Contributor
  • Date Created
  • Version
  • Updated
  • Approver
  • Curator
  • Resources
  • Questions/Comments

Dondo 08/01/02  
MID Shiprock Peak Photo
Make Shiprock Peak photo on Family Tree web site bigger to fill up the family tree chart.

MID Web Marquee
Clean up all the commented out information that is in the Extra Marquee. The the information in the Navajo Timeline.

LOW ASCII & HTML Character Chart
Create an ASCII chart showing the ASCII code. Have columns for the code in decimal, hexidecimal, actual character, and keys to hit on keyboard. Create on the same web page with your HTML Color Chart.

Dondo 10/02/02  
LOW Dzilgha'a Tachiinii Clan
Check on Clan Dzilgha'a Tachiinii, (White Mtn) Apache Division of Red Running into the River, if should be on clan website and what division or group it should be in. From email of John B. Tsosie, aug, 23, 2002, 9:04 am.

LOW LAPAHIE.com Banner
Finish the LAPAHIE.com banner to offer to the public to put on their web pages. Currently have a LAPAHIE_Banner1.gif in the Graphics folder.

Dondo 09/23/02  
LOW Scan 1970 Berendo Yearbook
Scan the 1970 Berendo Yearbook. Email the yearbook to Enrique Jaramillo. Then place a link in Harry.cfm for the Berendo 1969 and 1970 scanned yearbook photos.

VERY LOW American Indian Names
Create a list of Navajo and American Indian names that users could use for either their children or whatever.

VERY LOW BIA Criteria for Recognition as an American Indian
Copy or link the site www.schaghticoke.com/bia.html for users to know the requirements for a Indian tribe to be recognized by the U.S. government.

VERY LOW Guestbook Photos
Copy photos in Guestbook from years 1997 to 2002 and then place them on the respective web page areas of LAPAHIE.com.

VERY LOW Link other sites to LAPAHIE.com
Think of linking John Rustywire's website (http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/1574/)either on your LAPAHIE.com menu or in the subcategory of Stories. Think of putting Charlie White's stories on your Stories.cfm website. Think of adding an overall American Indian Chronology to your Timeline found at http://www.american-indians.net/chronology.htm to the Timeline_Right.cfm webpage.

VERY LOW Navajo Nation Code
The Navajo Nation code book is too large for me to input, and then I would need input from the Navajo Nation when updates were made and where. Investigate if it is possible for this to be done, for this would be very beneficial for our Navajo people.

VERY LOW Navajo/English Word Translator
Create a (Navajo to English)/(English to Navajo) Word Translator that queres a Navajo Dictionary database.

English to Navajo


Navajo to English

Dondo 09/27/02  
VERY LOW Web Page Counter
Update your webpage counter to sort either by id or webpage name. Have the even and odd rows of the table be different colors.

DONE Add Navajo Code Talker Richard Bailey Singer
Go to Arizona Daily Sun to get info on Richard Bailey Singer.

Dondo 12/14/02 12/14/02
DONE Break Up Guestbook 2001
The Guestbook 2001 is huge. Break up this guestbook to either 3 month intervals or monthly intervals. Or if you have time, or if you have the initiative, create code to make the user choose a word or partial word with a date range to pull out Guestbook comments.

Dondo 01/01/03 01/01/03
DONE Create Tasks & Meetings Dynamic Pages
Create Home Tasks, Work Tasks, Home Meetings, and Work Meetings, web pages that can be added, updated, and deleted dynamically.

Dondo 10/14/02 12/03/02
DONE HTML Color Chart
Create a dynamic HTML Color Chart. Have a "Display Preference" window that will give the administrator choices. To sort by HTML color name, to sort by HEX color number, or to sort by brightness (R + G + B, then sort).

Dondo 10/01/02 10/05/02
DONE Resources' Links
Update resources web page to have external links on bottom with LAPAHIE.com menu on top.

Dondo 10/10/02 10/12/02
DONE View Previous Guestbook Entries
Created a better method for users to view previous guestbook entries. Inputted all guestbook entries into a database, and got rid of the static guestbook web pages for years 1997 to 1999. Created a table for users to view previous monthly entries one month at a time from the time of the Guestbook's beginning (1997) to present. Guestbook will initially view the current and previous month's guestbook's entries.

Dondo 01/01/03 11/22/03
DONE Web Task
Create a web task database with essential web pages to store web task needed for creation for the LAPAHIE.com website. Create it such that the administrator will be able to modify the database using a web page control panel. Have it display such that the highest priority items are listed on top.

Dondo 09/23/02 09/30/02

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Maintenance Work
  1. Maintain administrative and personal web pages.
  2. Maintain all other web pages.
  3. Add and update information to the Timeline web pages while updating web page structure.
  4. Observe Guestbook, clean up and answer if needed.
  5. Add links to the Resources web page.

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